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Dedicated IP address

Dedicated IP Web Hosting  makes your website more independent from other sites on the same web server. It enables you to add SSL certificate and to increase security of your website. With dedicated IP your site pages have an advantage over other sites in Search engine rankings.

If you have a business oriented website then you probably will need a dedicated IP address for your site. Especially if you have a merchant account on your site. You can't even get an SSL certificate for your website until you have a dedicated IP address.  There is also the SEO or search engine optimizations concerns to consider. Many people have found that sites with a dedicated IP address do mysteriously better in the search engine results than those utilizing shared IPs. 

So what is the reason why people want dedicated IP?. The main reason is if you planning to use SSL on your site, then you need dedicated IP.If not then either static IP or shared IP doesn't make any difference.

Dedicated IP is available from Foundation Web Hosting at Rs. 200 per month. Contact us to order dedicated IP address for your website.