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Foundation Web Hosting is an online web hosting solutions company based in Kolkata

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Why your site with host with Foundation Web Hosting?

  • 99.5% uptime guarantee

    99.5% uptime guarantee

    Our cutting edge datacenter and network infrastructure enables us to give a 99.5% uptime gurantee, which means you are assured of a 99.5% uptime guarantee any month, any year for your websites, else get free hosting credits as per our SLA.

  • 14 days money back guarantee

    14 days money back guarantee

    We give you an oppurtinity to try our hosting services for upto 14 days. If you are unsatisfied and want to discontinue we refund your entire fees!

  • Best pricing

    Best pricing

    Our prices and plans are among the best ones in the industry. Highly scalable hosting plans backed by top notch hosting support means you get the best bargain for your money.

  • 24x365 support

    24x365 support

    We are available 24x7 via phone, mail, IM. Whenever you have any problem or query regarding your site , we are by your side to sort it out.

  • Cutting edge hardware infrastructure

    Cutting edge hardware infrastructure

    We use only the best hardware and networking equipment for our servers to host your content. We host your sites on dual quad core servers on a RAID 10 configuration which gives high level of safety.

  • No setup fees

    No setup fees

    We dont charge any setup fees, your hosting account is automaitcally setup the instant our system confirms the payment made by you for the hosting charges, so that you can get the most of your money.

  • No single plan, perfect plans for everyone

    No single plan, perfect plans for everyone

    We believe everybody have different needs. Someone may need to host a simple site contains five pages, someone else may need to host a website having few thousand pages. We have web hosting plans of different sizes, different prices to accomodate different needs.

  • Helpful and personal support

    Helpful and personal support

    We know web hosting can be quite confusing and we believe in a very personal approach to your needs. We do have a bunch of very good tech supports who loves to listen to your problems and address them asap!

  • All the tools you need

    All the tools you need

    We provide you all the tools that you need to run your site smoothly.. E-mail solutions, automatic script installer, logs, database admin panels, visitor stats, Help Center/Support Ticket to name some of them.

  • No nasty surprises

    No nasty surprises

    We value your relationship with us. Wether you have exceeded your bandwidth or have violated some tems of service , we always try to resolve issues with our best effort so that your business is not hampered in any way.

  • Reliable network

    Reliable network

    Our sites are hosted on a network which is 100% powered by Cisco routers and switches and utilizes star topology consisting of two Cisco Catalyst 6500 core routers with distribution handled by Cisco 3750 and access by 2950 switches. This results in a load balanced network with no single point of failure.

  • Scalable infrastructure based on demand

    Scalable infrastructure based on demand

    Upgrade, downgrade, add more webspace, email ids, DB and even move to a dedicated server when you need it. We can accomodate your needs when you need to scale your operations.

  • Secure servers

    Secure servers

    Our servers are security hardened. We use centos (linux) based servers which provide a high of security. They are further secured by the dedicated team of security analysts to make them impregnable to attacks.

  • No hidden fees

    No hidden fees

    Our fees are flat and they are displayed in details in the hosting section web pages and the Prices & FAQ section web pages. We dont have any other charges other than hosting fees and domain registration fees. In case you are about to exceed your plan limits we give an early notice to you.

  • No overloaded servers

    No overloaded servers

    We are fanatic about our server health, as such we take every precaution so that the servers are operating at a load well below any high load limit. This translates into better peformance for your site and no server breakdown headaches for us.

  • No old or second grade hardware

    No old or second grade hardware

    We invest in latest hardwares in the industry, so that we can give you top notch peformance and no headache!

  • All in one solution

    All in one solution (design/development/hosting)

    We have a dedicated team of designers and PHP programmers too! If you need design and development consultaiton we can help you. Our programmers have years of experience behind them and know how to build websites that work!